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Stevey: *kisses you softly* Even though you are my lover, my soul mate, my rock , you are also my best friend. We where friends before we where lovers and I know we will always be friends right through to the end. Our friendship gets stronger as our love for each other grows. I look into you eyes and see nothing but love and friendship of the purest kind. You are the reason I get up in a morning and the reason I go to bed at night knowing my day could not have been any more wonderful than it was.

Shae: *hugstheshittouttaya* hey girlie..... you are the one of the people on here that I know means so much to me other than Stevey *grins* We have been through alot together but its all good coz it brought us so close ... couldnt ever imagine not spending my day chatting to you. Words can not describe the way I feel about Shae. She is my best friend and my sister. We have been through a lot of good and bad together and always come out smiling. Without Shae in my life I donít think I would have survived * hugs ya * love you so much girlie. And one day I promise we will be together causing shit for anyone around us *giggles*

Mike: *hugs ya so tight* you are my oldest friend on here and for the last several months I've missed ya so much.What a shock to get cmail from you letting me know ya back. Brought all those old memories flooding back and that sexy face of yours mmmmmmmmmm *grins* ohhh and those wonderful strong arms *dreams* You have the most wonderful caring personality in the world and I am so lucky to have you as a friend....missed chatting to ya all this time ,hopefully thats all about to change. *sighs* seems like old habbits die hard huh hon. If you decide to come online again drop me a line to let me know ya ok.

JarJar: *shags ya* no matter what hon you know we are always going to have something wonderful and very special.You stole my heart the first time we met...so please take good care of it :)

Babe_31: hiya sis *hugs tight* you be a good girlie and take care of my JarJar *giggles*We have been through alot of things that most people could not even begin to imagine and we came through it and out of all the mess came a wonderful friendship that will last forever .Not just a friendship but sisters*hugs you super tight* No matter what may happen through our lives the one constant I know I will have in mine is you. Love ya so much sis!!

Zoe: *hugs ya* We have been real life friends for over 14 years now and I have enjoyed every moment of it. The only thing that makes me sad is that we live so far away. We will be friends always I know this in my heart. Special friends like you are very rare to find. Can't wait to be back in London visiting you *hugs tight*

Frenzyman: .. Darren you are a very close friend hon and I cherish every time we chat....you make me smile without even trying and are one of the few people I never ever want to lose *hugsnshagsnlixnallthosethingsyoualwayswant* You are closer to me than almost everyone I know and I dont ever want that to change... I love you very much hon and always will *gives ya some mo fo loving* You understand my thoughts probably as well as I do , youre always there to listen and to give me shit *chuckles* You are what I would call a best friend and always will be.

Jude: *hugs* you are probably the greatest friend a girl could wish for and I think you are a wonderful guy *S*Ok enough of the wonderful guy crap *L* you are on sexy as hell alaskan *lix ya* love ya hon Over the last year I think we have become very close ,so close I reckon people will start talking lmfao .But hell how could a girl mind people thinking she was doing "things" with a guy as great as you

Sweet_Thingggggggggg: *hugs ya chicky* you are one of the few people ive actually met from alamak...had a great day out and many more to follow I hope *Laffs and thinks about the man sat opposite us* Youre a great chicky never laffed so much in my life as I do when I'm wif you or drank as much hot choccy *L*

RainWolf: *grins* Annieeeeeeeeeeeeee*spanx ya sexy ass* Ya a doll and I enjoy every second of our spanking on the main *winks @ ya and anniebates*

TexasKitten: *rubs ya tummy* ya a sweetheart of a sis...cant wait to find out whether ya giving me a niece or nephew... we have been through alot to say the least... funny how a man can bring 2 people who should hate each other so close together.At least we can thank him for that huh *hugs ya tight*

Kathyyyyyyyy: *lix ya all over* Youre one chicky who makes me smile everytime she enters the bar. God damn it why are all the nice people so far away.

Lisa: *sends ya a purdy fade* Thankyou!! thankyou for making my time in mak such a wonderful time. You are the one person I know I can count on for support and friendship. Just keep being you chicky *hugs ya*

J_B: *lix ya on mah msn* fankies for always offering to listen and for making me smile. You are a diamond amongst the rocks

THE_GAME: *chuckles* well well well theres the little boy whos meant to be a man...still waiting for you to prove just how much of a man ya are to me. Flirting with you is soooooooo much fun *dies laffin and tells ya another fantasy*

DARKSTORM: *looks @ those damn sexy eyes of yours* ya have a smile that could work its way into any womans life.. hell even into her bed. We have our moments dont we hon....its hard to explain what ya mean to me without getting all fucking mushy and we dont wanna do that do we ;o) All that needs saying is I love ya hon and always will *gets nekkid for ya*

cat1: *smiles @ ya* You are one hell of a woman *thinks about our night out with ST* never laffed so much in my life as I did the night I met you. You are a wonderful person and I look forward to more nights out wif you and ST

Jamieeeeeeeee: *spanx ya cute ass* Well MissEurope I know for a fact I'm gonna learn more about you one of these days *laffs* The day we met changed my perspective on a few things..Even though I dont know as much about you as you do me I feel like ya a true friend. Keep sending those cmails *chuckles*

Phreak: *shags Chris everyway possible* God hon we have been through some bad times together *grins* Thankgod we both came to our senses huh. Love ya to death hon cant wait for ya to get ya sexy ass over the the UK for some real lovings

LaTisha: *smiles @ the beautiful Tish* Always a pleasure to spend time wif ya chicky ..Your man is very lucky to have someone as wonderful as you as his wife.

sweetpea: *hugs ya tight sis* I love ya to pieces sis but I need to let ya know you are stronger than you think and anything is possible. You know what I am talking about . You know me and Karen are always going to be there for you no matter what you decide in life

DirtyDebs: ..well you are my IRL aunt and you really do suit ya nick *laffs* Finally got you going into mak and before long you will be a pro at it...just don't forget not to leave a damp patch on the seat *grins*

Firemagi: *hugs ya* well as my ever growing cyber family continues to grow you I have to say are one of the sweetest sisters I have *hugs* Always look forward to chatting to you

Burg: *nekkid hugs* Youre a star hon..never a dull moment when chatting to you and wouldn't want it any other way.. Friends listen and help each other through problems and I think this is something we found within each other.Thankyou for always listening

John: *hugs ya tight and offers ya a rose* you are one of the oldest friends I ever met from alamak and I hold our friendship very close to my heart....We have been through alot together and no matter what im always gonan be here for you

Turby: *hugs ya bro* my god I wanted to type TurDDDDDDDDDDDDD *L* well hon you are my newest family member and a sweetheart to boot

Lizard: *hugs ya tight* you are one of the funniest yet caring men I have ever had the honour of meeting and calling a friend. You are the one person I know I can sit and tell all my problems to without worrying about what you may think of me. You helped me though alot of shit that was happening in my life this year and because of you I am truely a stronger person.I know you would disagree and say I was always strong BUT you're wrong without you I would have fallen and crumbled

WonderWomanUK: *hugs* You are probably one of my oldest online friends and I love ya to pieces. We had some good times together ,times I will never forget* thinks about wayts to cook a carrot*. Just one thing left for us to do and thats meet up for a drink *laughs*

Dallas: *hugsnlixndoesallthatgoodstuff*there are only a few words I need to say...I love ya sis and We ARE strong enough to get through anything life throws at us!! You're a wonderful person and one of the sweetest I know

Victoria: *hugs* you are one of the few and I mean VERY FEW people who get to call me my full name *chuckles* If it was anyone else they wouldnt still be doing it *waves my pointy stick around* Weve known each other many years and I am sure we will know each other for many more to come

Bonnie: 'hola chica ,como esta? *giggles* you are a sweetie , love the chats we have even if it involves spanish (which by the way I am shit at *L* )Always look forward to seeing you in Alamak or on MSN

FrightfulyReaL: *smiles @ ya* Youre a wonderful person to talk to and I always enjoy it..You have a great sense of humor and always make me laff *hugs ya tight*

Paul: *smirks* this is your early mornin wake up call ,always a pleasure to get you up outta bed in a morning

Bobbieeeeeeeee: *lix ya all over* We met a long time ago due to Hal and then mak let us meet again later in time.At least mak does something good huh *L* I enjoy talking to ya cos ya a sweetheart and make everyone who knows ya smile just by being you

Sinbad: *hugs ya* been friends for a long while with you hon and each day we chat you bring a smile to my face. Your boyish charm is a wonderful thing that you have dont ever lose it *S*

mandi_uk: you are one of the few people i have met in the real world. I think of you as a great friend i am sure we will have some great laughs. You make a mean bacon buttie girlie *grins* and you know how to keep the vodkas coming *hiccup*

WolfPac: *watches ya dance nekkid* what can I say about you hon except *drools* nice ass you got there ..... I always have fun with you and wouldnt have it any other way

DivineMissD: *hugs ya chickie* youre the one person who calls me chickenarse LMFAO.. but you know I did it *grins* Was taught by the best to be bad!!

LizardKing: *grins and looks @ ya pantalons* always nice to chat to ya hon...you are a sweetie of a guy, you have so much wisdom and charm its an honor to be your friend *smiles*

Jenna: *smiles* good luck with the baby hon..Miss ya online but I know i can find out how you are from Shae.

Stunner: *looks @ Brent and smiles* I remember the early days when I used to see you on the main , I thought you where one nasty man *laffs* you actually scared me!! But I got to know the real you and those images have gone. You are a nice and caring guy and I think you really value the friendships you make on here just as I value ours.

Tamieeeeeeeeeeeee: *hugsNspanksya* you are a wonderful chicky and I always enjoy chatting wif ya.. Hope you get the happiness you deserve *smoochies*

Tommy_Lee: its funny how two people can live in the same city...share mutual friends and never have met..thats what happened with you and me hon .But we are friends and hopefully one day when ya come home we will get to go for a drink *laffs* ya a sweetie *hugs*

Chris: *chuckles @ the man with many nicks * well hon its been a blast getting to know you. You make me smile and laff so much. You have the sweetest and most caring personality I have seen in a while. Those big hands and feet have to be an indication of something else *grins*You make me smile when i dont think i can and even get me blushing the odd time too *winks @ ya* I love ya dearly hon and always will

Selest: *gives Miah some girlie lovins* just getting to know you chicky but I already know ya a sweetheart of a lady . We had a touchy time once when someone tried to cause a rift and I am glad we got through it and needless to say am looking forward to becoming better and stronger friends

bani: *gives ya some lovins and offers ya a root *chuckles* Well what can I possibly say about you 'cept ya fantastic..I spend more hours than I care to count chatting to you on msn and every second is filled with laughter. You are a great friend and I am sure our friendship will go from strength to strength .*snuggles mah banikins* loves ya girl

popcorn: *toomanywhittycommentstoputhere* damn chicky we had alot of shit to go through together didnt we , but out of all the shit we got the best thing ever , a great friendship . We ROCK , must be a libra thing cos we are way too alike its freaky lol. *hugs ya tight*

Aeowyn *snuggles ya* you are one of the most honest people I know and hopefulyl we will get to nkow each other more over time . You listened to me when I needed an ear and I can never thankyou enough for that. When people want to know what friendship is there should be a sign saying Aeowyn.

tinkykitty13 *pets ya and gives ya some lovins* you are a sweet young lady *grins* even if ya think Im old *pouts* You are gonna grow up to be one damn fine woman , the world better watch out though cos you are gonna be picking up some bad bad habbits hanging in that bar with all those corrupt people *whistles innocently*

Mukkie *bops ya* Hardly ever see ya on mak now hon but still enjoy our chats on MSN *laffs* You are a truely funny guy with the sweetest of hearts.

Bono *grins @ ya* shit all I think about is all those sex chats we had...no no no not cyber *L* just talking about your sex life *L* or lack of it *LMFAO* Youre a pal hon *hugs* don't ever change ya ways

FireBlade you are my number one girlie *hugs* and hell you are one hell of a maneater *giggles* Thankyou for helping me through all of the crap that I have had going on in my life.

Tinkerbelle *winks @ you* you are a great sista. Love the chats we have and definantly feel real close to you.Hopefully one day we wil get to met each other then it will be watch out world LMFAO . Love ya heaps *hugs*

RUBBERDUCK *grins n wrestles ya...* Undertaker rules !!! lmfao...Been wonderful gettin to know you and Karen hopefully you will get a chance one day to come sit and drink hot choccy wif us *L*

sparkles *cuddles wif ya* youre a great girlie....always love ya petting me if i lay on ya lap *purrssss*

SillyBabyGirl *spanks ya* lovesss ya chicky *smoochies* always a pleasure chatting wif ya *S*Dont go changing love ya just the way ya are.

kman *looks @ Kevin and giggles* you are the one person who I know I will never agree wif *L* No matter how many different ways you try to win this argument I'm never gonna let ya *smirks* You are a wonderful guy and I have really enjoyed getting to know you. Mandalicious*smiles @ ya chicky* remember when we first met and all the nicks you used . Gotta say you have some beautiful eyes , gotta have the soul to match huh *S*

KiltWearingGuy *looks under ya kilt to see if ya a true scots man* youre a star hon... always a pleasure chatting wif ya.

Valhaal *shows ya mah chipmunk cheeks* youre a sweetie of a guy ,still waiting for that pic though *pokes ya* You know it will happen one day dont ya ,you know what I am talking about*winks*

Idaaaaaa *hugs n sends baby kisses* awwww what a cutie you gave birth too , just like his mommy :o)Always love talking to such a wonderful woman

BlakWidow... *gives ya some old time lovings*Well us old time Bar folk meet once again *chuckles* glad to see youre still around and that we finally caught back up

Halcyon - well JJ what can I say , we went through so much together ,still are and I am sure always will be. Love you dearly hon.

Eddie *snuggles ya* you are one funny kid who I love dearly, watch out world when you grow up.

Bobby /unhugs. you are a great guy and i would have given ya $2 for ya mind, you were ripped off LOL

Zephyr *hugs Chris* I so should never have told you my full name *L* youre a great guy and I am glad we got to know each other.

Walrus *hugs the boned one* you my dear friend will always be special to me. I will never look at a walrus in the same light lol. You are a great guy and I know we will be friends for a very long time.

Censored *smiles @ Dale n hugs him* well ya here on mah list *grins* You are a sweet guy even though a lil unpredictable at times *chuckles*

COUGAR - youre my funny older bro and I miss you heaps ,though its always nice to see you pop up on msn to let me know youre doing good *gives you an old time soaking*

KarateKen *laffs* well Si what can I say about this friendship except its interestingWe have had some good and not so good times. One of the people Ive had the pleasure of meeting IRL .Dont think I will ever really figure you out *L*

Mike *smiles* I knew I had you on my wait list for a reason *L* glad I finally found out why.

OriginalDub *grins @ ya cheeky accent* the UK lost a damn fine man when you moved over to Oz. Miss the chats and laffs.

Rebus my scottish friend *smiles* not only a great person but the nick couldnt get any better - my favorite series of book by Rankin :o)

Mike *chuckles and sucks on a lollypop* Mike you are the newest of my friends and I gotta say its always fun.

Kaidyn *hugs* Well Kerry me and you finally did it *chuckles* started talking and I found a really great friend in you. We are very similar in many ways not too mention both English through and through . Ive seen you laff and Ive seen you upset and in all of that Ive seen the strength and determination you have. You are a funny chicky and make me smile alot. I know you are gonna get that man * knows who we are talking about* Hell he couldnt resist ya charm for long. And once he gets in those arms of yours I just know hes never gonna want to leave. Loves ya chicky. *hugs*

ANGELPRINCESS *sexifies da sexy Katie* youre a sweetheart of a girl and I enjoy all the chats we have. You will make someone very happy one day.

ROMMEL *snickers n cheers GO RANGERS * always fun chatting with ya hon , just a shame I'm a good girl huh *L* One more thing WHERES MY DAMN PIC *pokes ya*

OntarioMale *hugs Allan *We've not long started talking but I already know you are a true sweetheart> Only wish you had a lil' more happiness *hugs ya some more just coz I can*

CheetahWhizerd *hugs Mark tight* you know I reckon you dont know you own inner strength hon , you are someone who is very strong , you just have to be able to see what is already clear to everyone else. I wish you and Ida all the happiness in the world. You are very special hon dont forget it.

Lurch *fluffs up the pillows * youre a very funny guy and i enjoy every second of our chats. Look froward to many many more *hugs*

SalsaShark *snuggles Adam and gives him some /jiggy* You know behind all the sillyness of the main in mak you are one very very smart guy. I am glad we are friends I have bent ya ear so many times just lately and you always have smart answers for me.

Deviant *hugs Mike* well what can I say *grins* we spent years not talking as we thought each other was "too popular" and we were intimidated, lmfao when in reality we both had empty buffers.You are a great guy I am just saddened that we didnt start talking all those years ago.Just one thing , dont log off so damn fast lol you always leave before I can finish saying bye *hugs ya tight just cos I can*

And finally just a few words about lost friends *sighs * there was one special person who I thought was going to be a friend forever but sometimes no matter how much a person tries a friendship can not be saved.....but to this one person I thank him for the wonderful friendship we had and I am so sorry its lost now. I would give anything to get it back but sometimes a person can only try so hard to fight for something that can never be won.